Stress Can Cause High Blood Pressure

“Constant stress creates a neurological shift into what we call a Fight or Flight response when our Sympathetic Nervous System ramps up,” according to Dr. Bartoe, “In this stress response, we will have higher blood pressure, higher heart rate, decreased blood flow to our intestines and can even have problems with blood flow to the […]

Stress Can Cause Muscle Tension

“When we stay in a stressed state, we can experience muscle tightness and soreness,” says Dr. Bartoe. Since stress causes your muscles to tighten, it can strain these muscles, leading to chronic aches and pains.

What Feeling Stressed Every Day Does To Your Body

You probably think you already know what feeling stressed every day does to your body. Who isn’t stressed these days? The feeling can lead to “brain fog, digestion issues, emotional issues, increased disease rates, and many other things,” according to Dr. Colin Bartoe. “Everybody is stressed out, life is changing, but this will pass at some point […]