Chiropractic Myths #1: Always Going Back

As an Orlando, Florida chiropractor, I frequently have people asking me a small handful of questions. Probably the most common of these questions is, “Once I begin chiropractic, do I have to keep coming back?” There is a simple answer to this question and a more complex answer. The simple one is, “NO.” According to Benjamin Franklin, the only things you have to do in life are pay taxes and die and I agree with him. The more complex answer explains where this notion comes from and why it began.

Chiropractic has long been known to have preventative benefits.  Prevention is a buzzword in healthcare that means the treatment or care that you undergo now may keep you from having problems later on. When we look at chiropractic, we can see that by receiving chiropractic adjustments and making sure that your body is moving correctly, we can prevent injury and improper wear and tear on the body. That is only looking at the most basic biomechanical benefits of preventative chiropractic care too. If we look deeper we can see other more complex benefits as well. There is no shortage of patients who will tell you that after chiropractic care, they have seen improvements in conditions ranging from erectile dysfunction, fertility, digestive issues, and even brain function among a very large list of conditions.

So back to the topic at hand. What does preventative care have to do with coming back over and over to see your chiropractor?  As the profession developed, we found that by receiving adjustments on a regular basis, people function better, heal faster, and feel better overall. Chiropractors began recommending this model of regular check ups with variations from once a week to once a month, or even once every few months. It all depends on the doctor’s professional opinion and how the patient responds to care. Patients commonly tell me that they are able to feel when their body begins to shift out of alignment or when their exercise habits beat them up so they can’t move as well or feel discomfort.  With this in mind, we can see that if a person wants to maintain their optimum level of function and wants to feel their best, a regular routine of adjustments can be quite helpful. I like to relate this to brushing your teeth. Sure you can brush your teeth once and they will be all nice and clean and shiny, but after some time, they will begin to get all fuzzy and cavities may set in. You will eventually need to take a moment and clean them again if you want to keep your teeth. You understand that you must keep brushing your teeth on a regular basis to keep them clean and healthy, so why not make sure that your body is moving right and keep yourself from risking injuries and feeling pain?

To sum things up, you do not have to get chiropractic care regularly. Most of my patients are not on regular care plans. You can even survive without chiropractic care. The difference is that once you begin to get adjusted and you learn what it feels like to move correctly, have less or no pain, and recover more quickly from injuries, it may become obvious to you when things are not working right. Because of that, many people choose to see a chiropractor regularly to ensure their body is working well.  I do want to note that while I love to help patients with regular wellness care, as a central Florida chiropractor who uses Functional Neurology, my practice is built more around recovery than prevention. I greatly enjoy helping my patients with sports (or non sports) injuries, brain disorders, and other problems that are preventing them from enjoying life. For more information or questions please let us know. Also, check out our other blog posts here!

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