Chiropractic Treatments – 5 Common Causes and Prevention of Back Pain

It’s no coincidence that chiropractic treatments tend to focus on the back and spine.  Your back is involved in almost anything you do on a daily basis.  Even when sitting down quietly, your back is still under some pressure.  So, problems with the back and spine will tend to create problems throughout the rest of the body.

This is one of the fundamental ideas that chiropractic treatments are based on.

However, chiropractic care is about more than just in-office adjustments and exercises!  Chiropractic is about helping our patients learn to take better care of themselves.  When a patient is actively engaged in improving their own health, the results will almost always be better than with in-office chiropractic care alone.

Truly, the best way to heal your back is to help prevent it from being damaged at all.

Four Actions That Cause Back Problems & Pain

1. Weekend-only exercise 

We understand – a lot of people have jobs that keep them cooped up in the office all day.  That makes them want to run out and do something active on the weekend – whether it’s golf or paintball or home remodeling.  The problem is, our bodies need constant exercise to stay healthy.  Five days of rest followed by a day or two of intense activity is a recipe for back pain.

2. Improper stretching

Always engage in stretching exercises before engaging in any strenuous activity.  It warms up the muscles, loosens the back, and greatly decreases the chances of injury.  This goes double for “weekend warriors” cutting loose on Saturday.  Stretch!

3. Poor form when picking up heavy objects

It doesn’t matter whether you’re lifting weights in the gym or moving boxes around the house – always use good form when lifting something heavy.  Squat down to pick up the object while keeping your back straight, then have your legs do the hard work.  Bending at the waist puts terrible pressure on the back.

4. Bad posture when sitting down

It’s widely believed that in our modern sedentary lives, nothing contributes more to back problems and back pain than poor posture when sitting down.  Sitting in one place, hunched over, puts plenty of pressure on the spine and greatly increases the risks of damage.  Try to always sit with proper posture.

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