Patient Testimonials

Lauren FNCC Video Testimonial

At FNCC, we love to hear our patient’s feedback on their results from their treatment with us! We see multiple people just like Lauren experiencing neck and back pain after an accident in the Orlando area. We integrate gentle chiropractic technique and rehab exercises to get people back to feeling 100%!

Lisa's Video Testimonial

Here is what Lisa has to say about her care at the Functional Neurology Chiropractic Center. As an Orlando chiropractic office with a focus on gentle care and Functional Neurology. We are happy to help car accident patients navigate the pain and stress of life after an accident.

Tamara Shares Her Thoughts on FNCC

Tamara came in for wrist and hand pain that she was concerned came from a neck injury. Not only did Tamara find relief from her wrist and hand symptoms, she also found relief from her chronic low back pain! At The Functional Neurology Chiropractic Center, we have many techniques to help patients with a wide variety of problems from different types of headaches, neck pain, back pain, and even arms and legs! If you haven’t been able to find help elsewhere, maybe we have the tools to help you recover from your aches and pains. Call our office for more information.

Justin's Success with TMJ

We bet you never thought to come to a chiropractor for TMJ problems! Justin describes the TMJ issues he was facing and how Dr. Bartoe was able to help him. He also talks about coming for maintenance appointments to ensure the severity of his TMJ problems don’t return.

Nicole Loves Gentle Adjustments

In today’s testimonial, Nicole talks about how gentle adjustments are beneficial to her healing process! Some patients either do not like or cannot handle the manual adjustments that are typically associated with chiropractic care. There are gentle chiropractic techniques though, and Nicole really loves Dr. Bartoe’s approach to using gentle chiro techniques to achieve maxiumum pain relief.

Maria's Vertigo

Maria is a yoga instructor who was struggling with vertigo. She describes the way vertigo impacted her everyday life and how Dr. Bartoe was able to eliminate her issues with vertigo with functional neurology techniques.

Lindsay Was Terrified Of The Chiropractor Until FNCC

Lindsay is a nurse who suffered from back pain, but was fearful of being seen by a chiropractor. Here she explains her experience and how Dr. Bartoe helped her feel at ease and changed her outlook on chiropractic care! At The FNCC, we love positive results, but we also love opportunities to educate our patients! Gentle, effective chiropractic care is available and we are happy to serve our Orlando community with open hearts and gentle work.

Jaiylen's Balance Issues

We love when our patients give us honest feedback! Jaiylen was not satisfied with not feel 100% physically in his daily life so he sought out Dr. Bartoe’s help to relieve balance issues. Hear what Jailyen has to say about the treatment he received here at FNCC.

James's Recovery After A Car Accident

Here is another one of our patients giving their feedback on their experience from their treatment at FNCC. He struggled with back pain after a car accident, which was affecting him at work while being on his feet for long periods of time. We love our patients and hope all of them have an excellent outcome like James! Recovery and being pain free is possible.

Jack Gets Back to Baseball after Elbow pain

At FNCC, we see a variety of injuries and many young athletes in the Orlando area. Jack talks about how Dr. Bartoe was able to relieve his wrist and elbow pain. He also talks about Dr. Bartoe’s down to earth professional personality. We love when our patients give us honest feedback and a chance to use unique techniques to get them back to sport!

Phil Beats 20 years of Use and Shoulder Pain

Our patients come in with a variety of problems affecting their everyday life. Phil, previously a baseball and softball coach, was experiencing debilitating shoulder pain and came to us for help! Through Dr. Bartoe’s thorough and personal approach to each case, he was able to get Phil back to his normal life while being pain free.

Shawn's Success with Displaced Ribs

Long-time patient, Shawn describes his experience at Functional Neurology Chiropractic Center. Displaced ribs are a unique issue, but Dr. Bartoe is able to remedy this with his chiropractor magic! We enjoy hearing positive feedback from our patients! Enjoy this testimonial as much as we did.

Lauren's Low Back Pain After a Car Accident

We love when our FNCC family gives us such high reviews! If you are in the Orlando area and are experiencing back pain, neck pain, or even any neurological related symptoms, please make FNCC your first choice. We strive to create a comfortable and caring environment for our FNCC family!
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