The Difference Between Functional Neurology And Medical Neurologist

Functional Neurology And Medical Neurologist

Here’s an important distinction to consider before approaching Medical Neurology and Functional Neurology are distinct things. Functional Neurology is an approach to treating neurological disorders that evaluates the nervous system and its function. While medical neurologists treat through medication, functional neurologists treat through brain exercises and specific adjustments.

functional neurologist is trained in the diagnosis and management of neurological conditions with an emphasis on neurological rehabilitation. Because this care is being given at a chiropractic care center, the care focuses on natural and conservative methods that support the body’s ability to heal, along with treatment strategies to restore and optimize function. In the event that second opinions,specific medications, or surgical interventions become necessary, patients are referred to the appropriate medical specialists.

Understanding The Difference

A majority of neurological conditions are not surgical problems, which means that patients can make use of therapeutic strategies to improve their physical, emotional-behavioral and cognitive functions. This is where functional neurology at a chiropractic care center can help because chiropractic treatments recognize that medications can have side effects and that most drugs can suppress or enhance activity in the brain and body as a whole but may not target specific regions of the brain.

Drugs generally cannot restore normal function between neural networks, which is why performing specific physical, sensory, or cognitive tasks are recommended in order to activate the brain. Studies show that chiropractic neurology effectively utilizes diagnostic and treatment approaches that can measure and improve brain function as well as the nervous system in health and disease.

Trained Professionals Can Help

When you enter a chiropractic care center that uses functional neurology, you get access to a thorough neurological examination as well as diagnostic tests that measure the function of neurological systems independently and as an integrated whole. These tests help identify strengths and weakness in the nervous system, on the basis of which a customized rehabilitation plan is created to improve function.

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