Top 3 Misconceptions About Vaporizing

A Few Things To Know About Vaping

In recent years, the trend of using Vape Pens, also called E-Cigarettes or E-Pens has exploded. There are common ideas about this type of nicotine consumption, but what is true and what is not? The three most common statements that I have heard about these products are:

1. E-Cigs don’t contain tobacco so they are safer.

2. They can help me to stop smoking.

3. It’s OK for me to vape indoors because it’s only vapor.

Let’s take a look to see what is really going on here…

1. E-Cigs are safer because they don’t contain tobacco

-This one is partly true. Because vape pens do not contain tobacco, they also do not contain the tar and the chemicals that are created when you burn plant material.  This is a very good thing when we look at lung health, however this is not the only thing to be aware of.  Tests have shown that the aerosol created does contain other toxins like formaldehyde (the chemical used to preserve dead things…) and metals that can be harmful to inhale.  We also have not yet been able to test E-Cigs on any type of long term scale, so other risk factors are not yet known. All in all, they appear to be safer, but this does not make them safe.

2. They can help me to stop smoking.

-This can be true. There are specific vape liquids with measured levels of nicotine that can be used to slowly decrease the need and eventually help someone stop smoking.  Be aware though, the labeling on these substances are not regulated, so there is no oversight for misinformation. Also, from what I have seen, many people who take up smoking Vaporizers tend to smoke more and more, even purchasing monster sized vapes to increase how much they can smoke.  There are many methods to help stop smoking and most of the others are designed to make the process more structured and easier to accomplish.

3. It’s OK for me to vape indoors because it is only vapor.

-This is completely false. While some establishments have not yet banned vaping indoors, and the law has yet to catch up, smoking vaporizers inside is NOT safe. Yes, the “smoke” that you exhale is a vapor and not technically smoke, but it does contain nicotine and other chemicals (as we spoke about in statement #1). This still exposes the people around you to chemicals that they are not choosing to take in. This is especially true for children. Please be considerate of others and don’t vaporize near them, just as if you were smoking cigarettes.

There is much more information and misinformation about vaping, but we will only truly begin to determine how safe they are as time passes and more studies are done. One final point for this discussion is the realization that this form of nicotine delivery has reintroduced a problem that we previously thought was on the way out. Vaporizing liquids have been given a wide variety of flavors from Pina Colada to fruits and more. In the past, cigarette companies were banned from creating flavors like this to help stop the interest of children taking up smoking. Now, with the unregulated vaporizing chemical processing and marketing, we have returned to a new and enticing way of encouraging kids to smoke. I whole heartedly support personal responsibility in this regard, and it is a parent’s duty to protect their children, but this is a topic that should be discussed further in the future. This information was found in large part from AHEC and our Central Florida Health Departments. For more information about smoking and quitting smoking, please visit our friends at AHEC and find out about their FREE resources.

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