A Chiropractic & Functional Neurology Office That Cares

Have you ever felt like your doctor really cares about you? At the Functional Neurology Chiropractic Center, we treat not only patients with aches, pains, and tightness, but also patients who have suffered concussions, strokes, and those with balance disorders. We are an Orlando Florida based chiropractic office that uses Functional Neurology to help patients to function better and get back to their normal life as quickly as possible. Dr. Bartoe knows first hand what it is like to suffer with the symptoms of concussions, and that experience drives our office to create a space that truly supports patients along their recovery path.

What Is Functional Neurology?

Dr. Colin Bartoe with the Functional Neurology Chiropractic Center in Orlando, Florida explains what Functional Neurology is. Simply put, Functional Neurology is a technique used to find areas of the brain that may not be working right, and then to treat those areas. Functional Neurology can be used to help patients that suffer from a wide variety of symptoms or conditions such as balance disorders, concussion, stroke, movement disorders, dysautonomia and many more.

Concussion Doesn't Have To Be Scary

“Concussions can be scary, but they don’t have to be.” The Functional Neurology Chiropractic Center is a chiropractic office that uses Functional Neurology to help concussion patients on their journey to recovery and normal life. Regardless of whether your head injury was a sports injury, car accident, or anything else, our office will approach your assessment and treatment with cutting edge science, heart-felt care, and clinical experience to help you feel like yourself again.

A Functional Neurology Look at Balance, Dizziness, and Vertigo

Here at FNCC, we are taking a look at balance, dizziness, and vertigo from a functional neurology standpoint! There are multiple inputs and avenues to the brain such as the eyes, ears, and body that play a role balance. As an Orlando chiropractor and functional neurologist, Dr. Bartoe is taking new approaches to treating the brain and the balance issues he sees in patients after car accidents and head injuries. Having a balance issue is not a condition you have to live with for the rest of your life!

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