What Does Chiropractic Care Involve?

It’s entirely understandable that some of our first-time patients are a little bit nervous when coming to the Functional Neurology Chiropractic Center (FNCC), particularly if they’ve never see a chiropractor before. Believe it or not, we LOVE these types of patients because it allows us an opportunity to educate patients and offer different techniques to make sure everyone is comfortable and safe.  The practice of chiropractic is sometimes not well-understood in the mainstream, and there are a lot of misconceptions about it.  As such, a lot of people really don’t even know what happens during chiropractic care!  So in today’s blog, we wanted to answer the quest “What does chiropractic care involve?” and hopefully set new patients’ minds at ease.

What to Expect When Experiencing Chiropractic Care

Maybe it’s easier to start with what you shouldn’t expect:  Drugs, knives, pointed probes, or any other foreign items being put into your body.  Chiropractic is about holistic, all-natural healing techniques that avoid over-reliance on pills and irreversible surgeries.  The main tools a chiropractor uses are simply their own two hands, but they do get to use some fun toys along the way too.

Chiropractic care focuses on an whole-body approach to healing, centered on the spine because the spine allows us a window into the body to create large changes to the nervous system and how it controls the body.  Since its creation over a hundred years ago, chiropractic has focused on the spine as being at the root of a great many ailments.  Over time we have found greater knowledge about the connections between a properly functioning brain and a properly functioning body!

A typical chiropractic visit begins with the practitioner asking the patient about their medical history and what their current problems are, as well as about their lifestyle.  Then the chiropractor will perform a full exam including using hands to feel the body for misaligned bones, muscle tension, and fascial tension. Then, with gentle and focused movements, they re-align the problem areas and correct muscle tone to improve function throughout the body.

In the case of chiropractic neurology -such as the work of our own Dr. Bartoe-, this may be combined with a variety of sensory or motor exercises.  These exercises promote better brain operation, as well as improving the overall function of the nervous system.

Best of all, chiropractic adjustments in our office are usually pain-free and very gentle, especially in the case of patients who are uncomfortable having their necks adjusted traditionally.

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